About Us

Proccon stands for procurement consultancy.

The principal, Wilco van Regteren, has over 20 years of international experience in procurement consulting and management.

Over the years, Proccon has saved millions of dollars for some of the world’s largest companies. This was done by changing the way businesses purchase.

Every business spends money differently and has different, often inefficient, processes for doing it. That’s why procurement has a significant impact on every aspect of your business. Done correctly, procurement can streamline your processes, reduce costs and have your business running smoothly and efficiently. Unchecked, poor procurement can funnel profits away from the business.

This is where Proccon excels. We offer comprehensive procurement expertise that will transform your processes, your spending and your business.

What can Proccon provide you?

Broadly, Proccon offers Interim Management, Project Management and Consultancy Services. Our strength lies in providing invaluable advice and independent support when it comes to strategic-, tactical- and transactional procurement activities. This covers services such as:

  • Developing & implementing procurement strategies
  • Reviewing & improving procurement processes
  • Optimising purchasing departments
  • Reaching goals and purchasing targets
  • Sourcing alternative materials and or suppliers
  • But also ‘hands-on’ rolling up the sleeves and getting things done

Expertise and experience

Proccon’s extensive experience fuels our expertise. Our skill set includes comprehensive industry knowledge, Category Management and Procurement Management.

Industry knowledge - experience across a wide variety of businesses and industries within the manufacturing, business services and healthcare fields.

Category Management - broad expertise covering all aspects of direct spend (opex and capex) and indirect spend.

Procurement Management - we are experts at all levels including strategic, tactical and transactional procurement.